Sad News :(


Guys… I have some bad news. After endless Facebook stalking and talking to mutual friends, I found out that Pie is unfortunately STRAITGHT (insert depressing Sarah Mclachlan music here)! After hearing all of this fluff my little heart just broke in half and all of the wonderful fantasies of taking long walks on the beach with him were ripped out of my soul, like a strand of seaweed being washed ashore like the a little piece of trash. Nonetheless deep inside of me there is still hope. After speaking to others about him I feel like I’ve gotten to know him a bit more. I learned that Pie is an receptive and unbigoted person. Someone with these qualities is probably open to the idea of trying out something new that they wouldn’t normally do (like shoving their dick in to another mans asshole lol). Hearing this made me hope that maybe there is a chance something more could happen, so I pray to goddess of the earth to grant me this one and only wish. This small spark inside me gave me an excuse to keep on feeling what I was feeling for him. It allowed me to keep on hoping that all the feelings that I had weren’t for nothing.

But lets be real this is a whole bunch of bullshit. As I scrolled through the many apps on my phone feeling like I was going to end up an old shriveled cat lady, I found a dating app. Guys, I know what your thinking its not Grinder. Its called Scruff.  According to the reviews Scruff is a dating app for classy sluts. I have never downloaded a dating app before because of my magestical fantasy of meeting my prince charming at some random coffee shop (my fantasy continues with him swooping me up in to his burly arms and riding into the sunset together aka Bound 2).

I still have not made a profile because I do not comprehend the “selfie”. Every time I seem to take a photograph of myself somehow I turn out to look like some critter that came from the depth of some Ursula ocean cave. Let me know in the comments bellow if you guys also have this tragic problem!  I must overcome this fear of taking a selfie and make an official profile.

So guys now I’m stuck in this hot weather in Los Angeles looking at the possibilities ahead of me (gosh isn’t it supposed to be winter?). Even though I found out the truth about Pie I still have a hope, my tiny heart still jumps for joy for him.

My roommate coincidently has a class with him and I have an opportunity to still find out more about him and further my relationship with him. I have to stop being a timid schoolgirl and finally show my peacock feathers (according to Katy Perry). Love you, Pechukas! Hope your week is going well! Leave me a comment telling me about your awkward schoolgirl moments with your crush, it will make me feel better about myself lol. Kisses.


One thought on “Sad News :(

  1. Anonymous

    don’t worry my fellow pechuka! i have also been struggling with a lonely longing heart for quite some time but i know we shall both find our coffee shop burly lovers when the time is right! (hopefully that’s soon…) xoxo

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