It all started with a tiny polka dot couch. The couch that has seen, heard, and lived through so much. If it could talk it would spill out all the craziness my partner in crime (aka My roommate), and I have been through. The conversations that have happened on this couch have inspired, advised, and snuggled us. At the end of day we come back to this couch and talk about life.

We laugh and cackle about how much of a ridiculous person I am when it comes to finding someone that I can call a “boo”, whatever that means. In that sense I am hungry as a hungry-hungry-hippo. I alternate between being attached to my independence and this thirsty virgin boy that just wants some D!?@k! Why is baby Jesus not blessing me with his tiny little fingers?!?! This is my everyday fight as a gay man, balancing the thirstiness of my virgin butthole and finding someone I really connect with. In a big city such as L.A. I must learn to grow a pair of balls, go forth and get some. I want to share this craziness and the people that help me on this journey with you.


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